Paleo Snickers Cheesecake

paleo snickers cheesecake

Almost 3 months ago I made the switch from blogging over here at Paleolland to blogging in my mother tongue over at Mijn Paleo Keuken. So much fun that is! To celebrate I made this little but decadent paleo snickers cheesecake. My training buddies over at Breda strength and conditioning were the first to taste and were very excited about it. So it was (finally) time to share it here as well.

It has been a little quiet over here. The Dutch blog still needs a lot of work and I decided that I first wanted to translate the older Paleolland post in Dutch before posting new recipes. As usual I grossly overestimated myself, underestimated the work and didn’t take into account that I would take on a new project and would start selling paleo recipes to a Dutch paleo publisher. Oh and all of this next to my full-time  job as teacher and PhD candidate :-) Luckily i love what I do! And I do promise to pick up posting over here at Paleolland as soon as I have both blogs in sync.

Paleo Snickers Cheesecake

You may wonder how a cheesecake can be paleo. And admittedly, this treat isn’t the best idea if you still have to kick your sugar addiction of want to get rid of your love handles. This paleo snickers cheesecake still is a calorie bom. But, if you have your eating habits on order and you normally feast on veggies, meat, fish, fruit, eggs and nuts, than a nice sugar- grain- and dairy-free treat once in a while isn’t a problem at all.  Especially if you have something to celebrate. This way you can have the best of both worlds: delicious flavors without unhealthy ingredients. … 

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Paleo Mango Salsa

NomNomPaleo I’m quite the internet junkie, and my Iphone is never far away, but you won’t find me playing games or anything like that; I just love to follow all my favorite paleo, food and fitness blogs. So many great… 

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Winter Salad with Chicken, Beets and Apple on

Winter Salad with Chicken, Beets and Apples

I know we’re already well on our way in 2014… But how are those new years resolutions holding up? If your resolutions included something like “eating more healthy” or “improving body composition” (aka “losing body fat”) you might be eating… 

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paleo brownies with love

Paleo brownies ‘with love’

Valentine’s Day is just a week away, what are you gonna make to win your lover’s heart? You’ve already read how I think about valentine’s day in my Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake post, so no need to repeat myself here so I… 

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paleo beet hummus

Paleo Beet Hummus

You saw my garlic herb crackers post yesterday? You know what makes a good topping for these? Hummus! Beet Hummus Traditional hummus is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Since chickpeas are legumes, they’re not on the paleo… 

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garlic herb crackers

Garlic Herb Crackers

I let you know on Facebook this week that my mom and dad jumped on the paleo wagon as well. It’s amazing to see how your own enthusiasm and rock solid faith in what you’re doing can transfer to other… 

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paleo double chocolate strawberry cake

Valentine’s Day Special: Paleo Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake

To be really (really) honest with you guys… I don’t really like valentine’s day… I used to hope for a sweet ‘be my valentine’ postcard from some secret admirer when I was younger, but these times are long gone After… 

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spicy chorizo soup

Spicy Chorizo Soup

Cold weekends just call for a steaming bowl of warming soups, don’t you think? I just made this Spicy Chorizo Soup and I ab-so-lu-tly loooove it! It’s spicy and has just the right amount of saltines due to the chorizo…. 

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winter soups recipe ebook from community cookbooks

Warming Winter Soups from Community Cookbooks

Community Cookbooks A couple of months ago I entered an awesome initiative on Facebook called Community Cookbooks. These are collaborative cookbook projects of real food and health bloggers all around the blogosphere, in the spirit of old-fashioned cookbooks produced by… 

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Paleo Lemon Kiwi Cheesecake on

Paleo Kiwi Lemon Cheesecake

The day I found out that it was possible to make paleo “cheese”cake, was a happy day Something to celebrate! Past couple of weeks have been exhilarating, so many things going on that its sometimes hard at night to wind… 

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Honey Mustard Dressing on

Paleo Honey Mustard Dressing

Paleo Kitchen Basics – Part 3 Eating clean with a diet from whole food, generally means that cooking from scratch. This may sound daunting. Enter my Paleo Kitchen Basic series!  You’ve already learned how to make your own ghee and a… 

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